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Picture this:Feeling a little amorous, you flick through some pages of an escort Dansuese. You nervously send her a message, and anxiously await her response. When she replies, she seems friendly and fun - very down to earth. You make a time to visit, and begin counting down the to the time of your appointment, you arrive at the address she has sent you. It is a new residential block in a discreet area, very close to the city. You press her number on the intercom, and go up in the lift. You knock on the door, and wait nervously, hoping that she is really the girl in the pictures. Soon, you hear the confidently strutting click clack, of what you can imagine are incredibly sexy, incredibly high, Louboutin before you is one of the most beautiful girls you have ever seen. Dressed to immaculate perfection in a classic, but as sexy as hell, figure hugging dress. You can see her sensual curves, on a petite frame. She looks very 1950s Hollywood glam. Perfectly proportioned. She has beautifully clear, soft looking skin, waist length, perfect blonde hair, that cascades gently down her back. Gorgeous, sparkling blue eyes, with luscious long eyelashes, that flutter gently as she smiles. And that sweet, sweet smile! So perfect, it lights up not only her whole face, but the room entirely. You can tell immediately that this girl is confident and sophisticated yet with a heart of pure takes you inside her modern, classy, deliciously scented, ever so clean and tidy apartment. You sort the finance side of things out, while she fixes you both drinks, and chats and laughs easily. Wow. She has personality - and intelligent too!When you emerge from the warm shower, she has prepared the boudoir. Soft lights and gentle music fill the air. She floats effortlessly over to you, and runs her perfectly manicured hands down your chest. She tilts her head upwards to be kissed, as you lean in gently and place your lips on hers. She responds eagerly, and her tongue gently flickers across your lips. You pull her in towards you, to hold her and kiss her passionately. Her hands explore your body. She reaches down to feel that you are indeed very aroused. She keeps her hand there for a moment, before freeing your fluffy towel from your waist, and allowing it to fall to the floor. Your hands make their way up to the base of her neck, where they find a long zip, that you unzip all the way. You slide your hands inside her dress and feel her silky soft, warm velvet skin. You slowly peel her dress from her firm, slim body, to reveal the most exquisite, sexy, French silk and lace lingerie, complete with seamed stockings and suspenders. Wow. Her body is pure perfection. You can see immediately why she has featured in many mens magazines, and imagine how jealous your friends would be, if only they knew! You lay her gently down on the plush bed, and begin exploring her beautiful, flexible dancer’s body. Removing her bra, you discover a perfect pair of breasts, about a d cup, with small, pink nipples that are incredibly sensitive. She responds well to your touch. You get to know her body, before she emerges to discover yours. She leans down and kisses you gently. While her hands are finding all parts of you, her kiss wanders gently around your body. She teases your nipples gently with her tongue, and traces an invisible line south, while punctuating with soft kisses. Her hands gently caress your firmness, teasing slightly with her long pink fingernails. She grasps you firmly. Her mouth moves further down, forcing you to hold your breath in anticipation. Her tongue circles slowly..... Its obvious she knows what to do. And she does. You are in heaven. This innocent looking angel, almost dances blissfully across, over, under and beside your body, in ways you’ve only dreamed of. Not so innocent at all! Over and over. Multiorgasmic...After a little more intelligent conversation, where you get to know each other a little better, you can see why all the men fall in love with Hallie. She is beautiful inside and out. You shower, and exhaustedly kiss Hallie goodbye. A lingering kiss, with a promise to return soon. You have forgotten all your worries, feel lighter, somehow younger, and as high as a kite!THIS is the feeling you were looking for!"

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Shoot me a message and I promise I’ll reply!

Shoot me a message and I promise I’ll reply!

Hey guys I’m Kelly, a girl who has a lust for life and a lust to please men. I am always in the mood for sex.